Kaushal Sharma

Kaushal Sharma

Doctoral student

Computer Science Department

Battelle Bat. A

Rte de Drize 7

CH - 1227, Carouge (GE)


tel: +41 22 379 01 52


I am a curious individual, particularly fascinated by understanding the intricacies of the human mind and brain. Currently, I am channeling this passion through a Ph.D. with a focus on affective computing under the supervision of Dr. Guillaume Chanel. My aim is to utilize multiple modalities, including facial expressions, speech, and physiological measures recorded within social interactions or gaming contexts, to construct robust emotional representations. These representations, once developed, could potentially enhance human-computer interaction, and positively impact our daily lives.

Teaching Assitant

  • Oct, 2023 - Feb 2024: Systèmes informatiques
  • Feb 2024 - present: “Interaction multimodale et affective” (Multimodal and affective interaction)


  • Deep learning
  • Human emotion understanding, modeling and recognition
  • Speech and physiological signals
  • Learning and building new things (except learning new human languages :p)
  • Debugging
  • Puzzle games (I play like noobs)
  • Yoga, mediation and health
  • Nature walks and hiking (non-swiss standards :p)
  • Binge watching
  • Writing (limited to journal so far)