The Social Intelligence and Multi-Sensing group is part of the CVML laboratory and the Computer Science departement of the University of Geneva . We are also members of the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences .

Research interests


We sense human by combining several sources of information (Brain and physiological signals, facial expressions, eye-tracking…)

Artificial intelligence and statistics

We apply machine learning, deep learning and hypothesis testing

Social and emotional

We interpret signals to asses people’s emotional states and social behaviors (but not only !)

In the wild

We aim at measuring people in their ecological environment

Human-computer interaction

We enhance interaction


We love games, entertainment and want to promote fun


Emotions for game streaming

The broadcasting of original media through online platforms like YouTube or Twitch, referred to as “streaming”, is today more popular …


In any encounter the first moments are critical and the impressions that we form of others matter. These impressions tend to last and …

Emotional and aesthetic highlights detection in movies

Affective computing is now an important research area of computer science with existing ties with the humanities as is demonstrated by …


The project “Affective computing and emotion awareness in computer-mediated interaction” aims at developing emotion awareness tools …


Databases and software

EATMINT database

The EATMINT database contains multi-modal and multi-user recordings of affect and social behaviors in a collaborative setting. The …


TEAPhysio, the Toolbox for Emotion Analysis using Physiological signals, is a Matlab (fully Octave compliant) toolbox that aims to …


GamEMO is an automatic emotion assessment installation used for game’s dynamic difficulty adjustment. The goal of the system is to …

Meet the Team



Guillaume Chanel

Head of the SIMS group


Marios Fanourakis

Post-Doctoral Student


Chen Wang

PhD Student


Sunny Avry

PhD Student


  • +41 22 379 01 83
  • route de Drize 7 - Battelle Bat. A, Carouge, GE 1227
  • Follow the detailed information here, then enter Building A (CUI) and take the stairs to the first floor. Ring at the door on your left.