Emotional awarness tools for mediated interaction

The project “Affective computing and emotion awareness in computer-mediated interaction” aims at developing emotion awareness tools (EAT) to improve the collaborative processes and outcomes of people working together through computers. In computer-mediated collaboration (CMC), it is rather difficult for people to recognize others’ emotions since emotional cues are limited. The project has two main objectives:

  • to design and implement real time systems for automatic emotion awareness in CMC settings based on processing physiological and behavioral measurements. Such systems will continuously measure partners’ emotions and the quality of the ongoing interaction, and will display emotion awareness information so as to adapt to ongoing collaborative processes;
  • to study the role of emotion awareness in CMC. EATs are expected to encourage collaborators to engage in strategies such as monitoring, regulating and reflecting on both their own- and their partner’s emotions and behaviors. We will thus analyze both the intra- and interpersonal effects of emotion awareness on collaboration, in different types of collaborative scenarios.
Sunny Avry
PhD Student

Understanding collaboration trough psychology and computer science