Toolbox for Emotional feAture extraction from Physiological signals

Example of GSR processing with TEAP

TEAPhysio, the Toolbox for Emotion Analysis using Physiological signals, is a Matlab (fully Octave compliant) toolbox that aims to reduce code dispersing and duplication across your research projects.

TEAP supports various signals (ECG, BVP, GSR, EEG, etc.) and it’s aim is to allow the user to quickly use the and compute signal features without any boilerplate code. TEAP is also programmed in an OOP sort of way: it is really easy to program signal feature code or to add another signal structure to the toolbox. Goal of the toolbox

There are actually some toolboxes that allow signal processing (like EEGLAB, or BioSig), but these where too complex or too specialized. TEAP solves that offering a somewhat high-level interface (see the examples below): with some kB of code, you can do some powerful things. The goal was also too allow a user to easily add signals or functions for a signal feature extraction.